SOS Hospital & Research Institute

It is the noble plan of Mr. Sudhir Mehta, Chairman of Sri Onkar Singh Memorial Trust of India, and Dr. K. S. Charak to construct a full fledged charitable hospital at the above site.

The hospital will be called:SOS Hospital & Research Institute

To the right is an artistic rendition of the new hospital.


Because of your continued support, Medical Relief for India has provided on-going financial support for Medical Camps lead by Dr. K. S. Charak and the SOSMT. Going forward, our mission includes financial support for the construction of the SOS Hospital & Research Institute.

This project cannot be completed without the material support from you and other generous individuals inclined to help in the accomplishment of such a benevolent cause. Please help us by making a donation and by sharing the detail of this new initiative with your friends.

Medical Relief for India is a qualifying 501(c)3 private foundation. Donations are tax deductible in the U.S.

Current structure under renovation for construction of SOSMT’s new charitable hospital at Nourgran village in Jammu district of Northern India.

An adjacent structure at the site of the new charitable hospital currently used for some of Dr. K. S. Charak’s medical camps.