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Medical Relief for India is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting free medical care to the poor and needy in India. If you are a non-for-profit foundation seeking funding for such causes, please contact us.  

An example of such program is the SOS Memorial Trust (SOSMT), a charitable foundation established by Dr. K S Charak. The SOSMT, through Dr. K S Charak's leadership, provides free surgical and medical treatment to rural India by holding week-long camps in select rural areas. Bhagdevar, Vindhyachal and Bani are just a few of the towns where the camps have been held due to the unbridled poverty and severe lack of medical care in these regions. Please take a few moments of your time to watch an amazing video of Dr. K.S. Charak and his team of volunteers at a recent medical camp in India.The video was taken by Samvedana,a non-for-profit foundation in Europe.    


To support programs as the SOS Memorial Trust, the non-for-profit Samjivani with marks Foundation has been established here in the United States. Find out how you can help support such causes. {Please note, if you are viewing this site from a location outside of the United States and are interested in in supporting, find out how you can help support.}

March-April Camp in Nourgran
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The Shri Onkar Singh Memorial Trust (SOSMT) conducted its forty-second free surgical cum medical camp in village Nougran of the Jammu Province of J & K State, during the period March 29, 2015 to April 4, 2015. This was the fifth such camp in this village which lies some twenty kilometres from the main city of Jammu.

The Trust has been promoting this venue for the camps primarily because there are plans to build a full-fledged charitable hospital here in due course. During this camp, rains poured during all the seven days, markedly reducing the number of patients attending the OPD. However, the number of those seeking operative treatment did not get affected much. People visited the camp from areas as far as one hundred and fifty kilometres to get free surgical treatment.

For the first time, during the sixteen years history of such camps, there was only one general surgeon, Dr Charak. A couple of others had to withdraw at the last moment because of personal reasons. What is heartening to note is that we had the involvement of a couple of youngsters from overseas this time. Arpit, a gynaecologist in USA, was a great help and assisted Dr Charak in several surgical operations. Ben Kapur, the son of Dr Y P Kapur and an orthopaedist in the UK, was another great support. The two of them made up for the shortage of surgeons in the team this time.



SOSMT has began construction of hospital
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The SOSMT has constructed a small building at Nougran as a part of their larger plan for a hospital with the aim of providing free medical and surgical treatment to the poor and the needy. If all goes well, the SOSMT shall try to hold some of their future camps in the premises of this building. As and when the resources are available, the hospital structure will be constructed. 

Dr. Charak

Dr. K S Charak holds the degree of Master of Surgery from the University of Delhi (India), and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons from the UK. Presently he is the Head of the surgery department at the ESI Hospital, Basaidarapur, New Delhi (India). Dr. K S Charak leads the charitable organization, SOSMT, which is devoted to providing free surgical and medical care to the poor and the ailing in the rural areas of the northern India. 

How You Can Help Support
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The Samjivani with marks Foundation invites you to join hands with us in providing medical relief to the under served in India through initiatives similiar Dr. K S Charak’s free medical camps. There are several ways you may choose to support such causes.

The Samjivani with marks Foundation graciously accepts monetary donations of any amount. You may make a donation through PayPal, see right hand bar "Donate Online", or send a check. Additionally, Samjivani serves as a liason between free medical programs in India and interested volunteers from the U.S.



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